maxxicardio cardio and vascular supplement for dogs

maxxidog / Heart

Benefits of using maxxicardio for your dog's heart and cardiovascular health

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Together we care for your dog’s heart:

- Carefully selected mix of amino acids, minerals and vitamins that work synergistically to support and maintain cardiovascular and circulatory health in dogs

- Supports and helps to maintain good heart, muscle and tissue health

- Promotes normal circulation, healthy blood pressure, supports regular heartbeat and helps balance cholesterol levels

- Healthier heart means healthier dog with higher energy levels and better performance in every respect

- Can help to improve physical and mental performance (stamina and focus)

- May help with periodontal disease (supports gum health)

- Vital part of a good heart health care plan for any dog

- Made in the USA in a GMP registered, NASC certified and FDA compliant manufacturing facility


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