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    maxxicat is a wide range of supplements for cats from maxxipaws. All maxxicat supplements are fully natural advanced formulas. Each product is specifically formulated to address certain health condition in cats.



    maxxiSAMe is SAM-e formula that supplement supports canine liver, joint and cognitive health. SAM-e is the recommended natural supplement for supporting healthy liver function in cats, but it also supports the cognitive function and can help with mental decline in aging pets. But not just SAM-e, maxxiSAMe contains additional ingredients that support hepatic and brain function and improve the absorption of SAM-e in the body. maxxiSAMe is given WITH food.



    maxxidigest+ is advanced digestive & immune system support for cats that contains probiotics, prebiotics & digestion enzymes for cats. maxxidigest+ contains Pediococcus acidilactici probiotics that are scientifically proven to survive the cat’s harsh acidic stomach environment.



    maxxiUtract is advanced urinary and bladder supplement for cats. maxxiUtract supports the whole of the urinary tract system and helps prevent UTI recurrence. Contains cranberry, D-Mannose, Pumpkin Extract and other ingredients that support good canine urinary and bladder health.



    maxxipaws does not only offer premium quality supplements for cats. Our maxxidog range supports your dogs's health and can play important role in keeping your canine happy and healthy for longer. 



    There are only great reasons for joining our maxxiclub. It is free and easy to join. More importantly our maxxiclub members enjoy amazing benefits.


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