maxxicalm Calming Aid for Dogs

Helps anxious and nervous dogs relax during stressful situations

When your dog is displaying anxiety, it’s important to remember that their reaction is involuntary. They cannot help their behavior, but you can help them. Using maxxicalm calming tablets for dogs  as part of a change program that includes adjusting the environment and retraining the behavior can help you comfort your pet so you can avoid a prescription medication. Additionally, maxxicalm comes with our eBook full of practical advice to help you to work with your dog.

maxxicalm natural calming aid for dogs helps with anxieties and fears in dogs

Calm happy dog maxxicalm natural calming aid for dogs

Relax without drowsiness

maxxicalm calming tablets for dogs gently relaxes dogs, without the unwanted side effects often caused by a prescription medication.

With prescription calming medication, dogs may become so drowsy that they fall asleep or worse, become ill. This temporary fix can unfortunately make it harder to create a long-term solution that actually corrects underlying issues.

With maxxicalm, your dog is relaxed but still alert, creating the perfect opportunity for positive associations with previously stressful situations.

Contains tasty all-natural ingredients

maxxicalm contains only natural calm supplement ingredients that are highly palatable. Our specific formulation has been shown to support balanced behavior and maintain calmness in dogs.

All the calm supplement ingredients are of human grade quality and naturally promote a positive mood and reduce stress and tension in our beloved dogs without drowsiness. Learn more about our ingredients and their purposes below. 

Integral part of a behavior modification program to create balance

The most effective way to create permanent change for your dog is to follow a behavior modification plan. A plan allows you to avoid unnecessary medications, when there are other possible solutions.

A comprehensive behavior modification program includes:

 - Mitigating exposure to triggers

 - Changing the environment

 - Improving pet owner knowledge

 - Helping your dog change their reactions

 - Supporting with a relaxing supplement

In some circumstances, working with a professional and occasional medication may be necessary.

Balance your dog’s behaviour from the inside

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Helps anxious and nervous dogs relax during stressful situations

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maxxicalm highly palatable calming tablets for dogs

Simple dosage instructions for flexibility

Whether your dog requires a daily dose of maxxicalm to help with hyper or aggressive behaviors or simply benefits from a situation-based dose when the need arises – maxxicalm allows you and your dog to be flexible.

Give one tablet per 25 lb. daily or prior to a potentially anxiety causing event. Dogs on a daily dose of maxxicalm calming tablets for dogs may also receive event-based dosages if needed.

We support you all the way

To help you on the journey to balancing your dog’s behavior maxxicalm comes with our eBook full of practical training advice.

In it we describe how to create a behavior change modification program for your dog, as well as practical advice to help navigate specific situations, including: fear of new things, noise phobias, visiting the veterinarian or groomer, and separation anxiety.

And you can always reach out to our team, we have years of experience in helping pet owners and dogs adapt and a community of maxxicalm owners who can share their own experiences.

What Our Customers Say

maxxicalm natural calming aid for dogs


Balance your dog’s behavior from the inside

As dog owners, we know which situations upset our dogs. For some it’s being left alone, for others it’s trips to the vet, thunderstorms, or unexpected visitors. Whether it’s part of their nature or an understandable reaction to difficult life circumstances, such as rescue dogs that were previously abused, maxxicalm calming tablets for dogs can be an integral part of helping you create more balanced behavior in your dog.


  • Helps anxious and nervous dogs relax during stressful situations
  • Integral part of a behavior modification program to create balance
  • Relaxation without drowsiness

Frequently Ask Questions

about maxxicalm natural calming aid for dogs

maxxicalm can be given as a treat or put in your dog's meal, whatever your dog prefers. Administer during or after your dog has eaten to reduce the chance of gastrointestinal upset. 

For maximum results, it is recommended to divide the daily dosage between two servings (ideally no more than 8 - 10 hours apart if possible). This helps maximize the absorption of the ingredients and ensures a more balanced calming effect over the 24-hour period. 

For some dogs though it can help to distribute the dosage differently through the day (morning, afternoon and evening for example, or perhaps an hour or so before the times the dog needs it most). Obviously, every dog is different and you know your dog best, so you may want to try different options and experiment to see what you feel works best. 

maxxicalm is recommended to be taken on a daily basis either ongoing or a few weeks prior to any "dreaded" event. 

Recommended dosage is shown at the back of the label (1 tablet per 1O kg / 25 lb body weight daily).

These are general guidelines. However, how much each dog needs daily often depends on the severity of their particular issues. And since maxxicalm contains only natural ingredients, it is also safe in slightly higher dosages than the general guidelines we provide. 

So, after trying your dog on the guideline recommended dosage for a week or so, if you feel your dog could benefit from a little extra and providing it is well tolerated, you can safely increase the dosage slightly for a period of time. You can always reduce it back down later. 

Alternatively, if you feel your dog could benefit from a little more just at specific times when more anxious, you can safely give a little extra just at those times. For example, before taking him to the Vet or leaving him home alone. If you do want to do this, we would recommend giving the extra approximately an hour before you feel it is needed. 

If you would like any additional support or advice, please contact us directly and we will do everything we can to support you.

Canine calming aids can help anxious dogs feel more relaxed generally and cope better in situations they find stressful. Calming aids can also help with managing various dog behavioural problems. 

It is important however to remember that it is NOT a ‘cure’ in itself, but an aid to help dogs cope better with situations they find stressful and relax enough so their owners can work with them more easily to help them overcome their anxieties or issues. 

For the best results, calming aids should be used together with other calming treatment techniques. Dog behaviour correction training, desensitization and counter-conditioning as well as and some simple changes in the dog’s environment alongside using a calming aid, will get you better results… and faster. 

maxxicalm comes with a complimentary training guide (e-Book) to support customers with specific issues and offers advice on a wide variety of anxieties, fears and behavioural problems as well as tips on behavioural modification and the role of the owner. 

It can vary how long it takes for any supplement to work. And in the case of natural calming aids, as they are not sedatives, the effects are gentler and it can vary how long it takes to see visible results.

It depends on the dog, what the issue is, how severe it is and what other strategies the owner is using alongside. Some owners see immediate results, but for others it can take longer. 

Most dogs enjoy the taste of maxxicalm and will happily eat the tablets like treats. Others prefer them mixed with their food. However, there are of course always exceptions. 

Some dogs can be sensitive to new things being added to their diet, especially if they are older or are generally picky eaters, and sometimes it can take a few attempts for them to get used to a new taste or texture. In those cases, it can help to get them used to the taste gradually by starting with a very small amount and working back up to the maintenance dose slowly. 

If you have any issues at all in getting your dog to accept maxxicalm, please be in touch and we will do everything we can to assist you. Because your dog cannot benefit from our product if he is not taking it. 

Yes, you can use maxxicalm for the rest of your dog's life. maxxicalm calming aid for dogs contains only natural calm supplement ingredients which are safe for long term use. However, we always recommend discussing the use of any supplement with your Vet. 

maxxicalm can be beneficial in the following circumstances: 

- Anxious situations, e.g. when the dog is being left home alone (separation anxiety), or there are changes in the household 

- Stressful situations, e.g. fireworks and thunderstorms 

- Unfamiliar surroundings, e.g. when the dog is going to the Vet, grooming saloon, or being looked after by dog sitter 

- New home, e.g. when the dog is being re-homed, or the family is moving to a new house 

- Travelling, e.g. by car or flying 

- Behavioural problems, e.g. to help manage hyperactivity 

- Unwanted or unruly behaviour, e.g. destructive behaviour when the dog is left alone (common in dogs suffering from separation anxiety or hyper dogs)

maxxicalm calming tablets for dogs is made in the USA in GMP and NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) certified manufacturing facility. maxxicalm calming aid for dogs contains only premium grade ingredients, tested for freshness, purity, and potency.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if there is anything we can do to assist you. Sometimes it can help to discuss different strategies with other dog owners. We may also be able to offer you some practical advice about dosages and administration.

If you feel our product is not working for your dog with our support, then we will happily refund your first bottle. Because we both want the same, for our product to help your dog to relax and make it easier for you to work with your dog on his issues.  

Relaxation without drowsiness

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maxxicalm calming aid for dogs is formulated for results





The benefits of maxxicalm natural calming supplement for dogs




Balance your dog’s behaviour from the inside

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maxxicalm eBook

maxxicalm calming aid for dogs comes with an eBook that contains practical dog behaviour advice. Following them will increase your chances of getting the situation permanently under control.

The maxxicalm eBook recommends changes that can be helpful to deal with various situations that your dog may find stressful, like separation anxiety, travel anxiety, aggression, hyper behaviour, fear of fireworks and thunderstorms, etc.

We also look at the role of the owner, because let's face it, we are the most important person in our dog’s life and our behaviour affects our dogs.