"Hello my names Ted and I love maxxipaws products I’m nearly 12 and I take maxxisaMe every day and it really helps me stay healthy and happy. I also love the maxxicalm as I am very scared of fireworks and bangs so I have a tablet and it’s magic makes me all happy again. Thank you so much to maxxipaws for all your great products. My fur brothers and sisters love them too"

Bev Ogden

“Would highly recommend. Toby our 12 year old lab cross was showing early signs of arthritis after 6 weeks there is a marked improvement and he’s bouncing around like a youngster again”

Kathleen J Hughes

"I am Duke, 10 years old Labrador. I love taking maxxiflex tablets. I am very fussy and don’t eat everything my human gives me, but I love maxxiflex, it tastes delicious and helps with my limping leg"

Nerida Dargyte Antoniou

"My rescue cat had high liver enzymes when I got him few years ago. He needs SAMe to keep them normal. I have used maxxiSAMe for him now for couple of years and his levels have stayed normal the whole time. The VET is impressed and says I should keep him in on it for the rest of his life"

J. Clarke

“I have been using this omega oil for years now. Both of my dogs absolutely love it. I love it even more as it makes their coat unbelievable beautiful and soft. They are Irish Setters and people regularly complement them on their coat. I couldn’t recommend this product more. lf you want shiny soft dog, buy maxxiomega for dogs"

Linda Collier

"Our approximately nine year old border collie is loads better after taking Maxxiflex. He has regained his enthusiasm for walks (he had taken to hiding when he saw his lead) and is limping only occasionally"

Diane Carlisle

"I have two senior cats and with old age come senior problems. Our old boy unfortunately has some cognitive issues. I found maxxiSAMe online and it is really helping him. Dementia is unfortunately uncurable but maxxiSAMe is really helping. Our old boy is so much more alert and happier since we started him on it. I think it is helping with his joints as well. He will be on maxxiSAMe for the rest of his live now. We know time is running out for him but we are so happy that he is at least enjoying his life again now, even if it will not last forever. We are very happy with our maxxicat products and we are now strongly recommending them to our many cat loving friends"

Sandra Davis

“We have been giving maxxiflex+ to our 9yr old shar pei for the last couple of years. Before this supplement, he was constantly getting hip pain and we would have to give him pain medication. Since being on the maxxiflex, he rarely has any episodes and has not had a pain pill since”

PA Gallegos

"Our 10-year-old miniature dachshund "Winnie" has seizures and the medicine for her seizures ended up causing very high liver enzymes. We tried Denamarin but the cost was prohibitive and the "chewable" tablets were way too big even cut in half. Then I found maxxiSAMe. It is so easy...just sprinkle on her wet food and she gobbles it up. She has been on it for over a year and her liver enzymes have dropped dramatically. So thankful to have found maxxiSAME, it really works, is affordable, and so easy to administer"

Lisa Huffman-Sokal

"Bobby is 8 years old. I have been using this product on him for about 3 years. His skin was very dry and his coat drab, but as you can see his coat is lovely now and his skin is no longer dry. When he last went to the groomers she commented on how good his coat is"

Carol Woodley

“Used this product (maxxicalm) for my 7yr old cross jack Russell, who has separation issues. Worked a treat, best product I've used. His all round behaviour has improved 100%. Would definitely recommend it to anyone”

Diane Gawthorpe

“My 14 year old dog has a heart murmur, and all I can say is, this supplement has given him a new lease of life. He had stopped enjoying his walk because he was getting so tired. But since introducing this (maxxicardio), and very gently increasing his walk distance, he is now bright and perky, and sometimes has a little run to keep up with his brother. When I hold him, I can no longer feel the blood surging through the valve like a tea strainer sensation. At his recent annual health check, our vet said he was in incredible nick for his age”


"My cat had been in and out the vet hospital three times with a blockage in under a week. He would be home for 12 hours after being unblocked and have to get rushed back in. On the third time At the hospital the vet told me this would be the last time they would unblock him. If I brought him in again they would have to put him to sleep. On the way home I found this product (maxxiUtract) online and ordered it. It came the next morning. My cat had been up most of the night had peed a little but I could see he was showing the same signs as before. I started this product that day and he showed small sign of improvement. Over the next two weeks he gradually got back to normal. The vet didn’t think it was the product but it’s the only thing I can point to that helped him improve.I use this everyday and a year later he hasn’t shown any signs of blocked since. This has been a god send"


“I was so very skeptical about any joint repair/help for pets. I have a Senior rescue (approximately 11 years old) and he tore his ACL in his knee. The vet said, $1500 please, to fix it. I searched and searched the internet and discovered maxxiflex+. I studied and studied the product, making comparisons and finally bought it. I’m here to tell anyone reading this, that in 5 days of giving this product to my tiny little man, he was up and running!! Literally!!”

Rhea K.

“I did thorough research on glucosamine supplements before switching to this brand. Our 2 boxers were doing well since starting them on glucosamine but I knew something was still missing. The combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric in this has made a huge difference for our pups, one of which has arthritis in his spine and the other with a partial tear in her knee”

Jen VanBarriger