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"Our approximately nine year old border collie is loads better after taking Maxxiflex. He has regained his enthusiasm for walks (he had taken to hiding when he saw his lead) and is limping only occasionally"
Diane Carlisle on 12 May 2014

“Would highly recommend. Toby our 12 year old lab cross was showing early signs of arthritis after 6 weeks there is a marked improvement and he’s bouncing around like a youngster again”

Kathleen J Hughes on 24 Sep 2014

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“I did thorough research on glucosamine supplements before switching to this brand. Our 2 boxers were doing well since starting them on glucosamine but I knew something was still missing. The combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric in this has made a huge difference for our pups, one of which has arthritis in his spine and the other with a partial tear in her knee”

Jen VanBarriger on 4 Apr 2016

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“My two furgirls absolutely love these tablets! I have no problem getting them to chew them right up!! Definitely will purchase again!”

L. Webb on 9 May 2014

“Our dog is 8 years old and diabetic and was starting to become less able to walk any further than a couple of hundred yards. He has been taking this supplement for 3 months now and am happy to say he can now walk over a mile with no problem at all, as he was on no other medication or supplements I put that improvement down to this product, and he loves eating them.”

Martin B. on 18 Apr 2016

“Having used the supplements for only 8 days, there is definitely some benefits. My dog gets out of bed less stiffly and stands almost properly”

The Hog King on 29 Apr 2014

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“best dog joint support because of the use of ha. need to order more for my other dog. i also take similar type for my joints”

Richie Rich on 24 Oct 2014

“My dog was limping severely on her hind leg. Most of the time this occurred after laying for a while. At times she could not even put weight on it. After purchasing our first bottle of maxxiflex and following the initial dosing instructions, we noticed an improvement in her condition. We are now on our 2nd bottle and she has been running around, no limping at all. This product really works”

T Auge on 1 Feb 2016

“Now, when I am traveling — or they are traveling with me, we switch to maxxiflex+ and there has been no recurrence of their lameness! In fact, we are now able to go to the beach more often as both dogs are doing so well. The lab LOVES the taste of the tablets — the lab mix is blind and refuses to eat tablets of any kind but he gobbles it right up when it is in his food! I recommend this product. I am a physician board certified in integrative and holistic health and absolutely love the "extras" that come in this pill — the turmeric, devils claw and bromelain are all holistic remedies that I recommend for my human patients!”

Martin B. on 18 Apr 2016

“I tried other joint meds for my dog before… But these actually work. With in 2 days of taking, I started to see improvement and after a week it was like night and day. No more whimpering when trying to get up or run. Her legs move much more fluidly. Now on day 20 taking the recommended 2 times the daily dose for 21 days. She is absolutely improved beyond what I could ever imagine. We now enjoy 15-20 mins ball throwing sessions and 1.5 mile bike rides… All at speed. No signs of pain… Only stamina issues, which we are working on”

Gamer on 30 Sep 2014

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“We have been giving maxxiflex+ to our 9yr old shar pei for the last couple of years. Before this supplement, he was constantly getting hip pain and we would have to give him pain medication. Since being on the maxxiflex, he rarely has any episodes and has not had a pain pill since”

PA Gallegos on 19 Apr 2016

“Have tried several products and none have worked. This product worked immediately”

D. M. Robinson on 7 Jun 2016

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“I was so very skeptical about any joint repair/help for pets. I have a Senior rescue (approximately 11 years old) and he tore his ACL in his knee. The vet said, $1500 please, to fix it. I searched and searched the internet and discovered maxxiflex+. I studied and studied the product, making comparisons and finally bought it. I’m here to tell anyone reading this, that in 5 days of giving this product to my tiny little man, he was up and running!! Literally!!”

Rhea K. on 20 Mar 2016

“I’ve finished giving him the first bottle of tablets and I see a definite improvement in his mobility. This is the first joint supplement I’ve tried for my dog and I would highly recommend it”

Peg in A2 on 12 May 2014

“I love this product! My 10. 5 year old pitt/shar pei mix was showing signs of arthritis and our vet suggested we put him on an anti inflammatory which did seem to work. I started searching for natural products and found this a few months ago and he is doing so well on it. I think it’s great and just ordered 2 more bottles. Apparently it tastes good because my dog thinks it’s a treat!”

1bootlover on 27 Aug 2014

“I bought this product after doing some research on ways to help both of my dogs feel better without using steroids. My older dog has arthritis and my American Bulldog has lymes disease. It has made an amazing difference in their quality of life! They seem pain free!”

Eugenia Artice on 10 Sep 2015