maxxicalm natural calming aid for dogs

maxxidog / Calming

Discover the benefits of maxxicalm for your dog

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maxxicalm is a natural calming aid for dogs that helps anxious, fearful and nervous dogs to relax and cope better in stressful situations.

It is helping our customers with separation anxiety, loud noises, hyperactivity, reactivity, excessive barking, sleep problems, fear of strangers, changes in routine and environment, travel, Vet visits, moving house and helping rescue dogs settle quicker in their new home.

maxxicalm comes with a dog behaviour guide (eBook) with practical advice to help you work WITH your dog and get faster results.

It contains only safe natural ingredients that support balanced behaviour and promote calmness and positive mood WITHOUT causing drowsiness.

maxxicalm is formulated for results - with ingredients for a happy life, naturally … and it’s tasty too.


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