maxxiomega omega oil for dogs

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Benefits of regular use of maxxiomega oil for your dog

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Benefits of regular use of maxxiomega oil for your dog. Together we help the dog you love look and feel great. maxxiomega oil for dogs contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 plus biotin. Make maxxiomega part of a healthy skin and coat care for the lifetime of your dog:

- If your dog suffers from dry, itchy, flaky skin and dull, lackluster coat then maxxiomega is exactly what your dog needs

- maxxiomega promotes healthy skin and coat, supports joint health (contains EPA & DHA) and is an excellent source of energy for active dogs

- maxxiomega is formulated for results - combines omega 3, 6 and 9 and includes important vitamins and antioxidants for maximum health benefits

- maxxiomega supports your dog’s health from the inside out… without fishy smell

- Even picky eaters love the taste and their owners love the results ... and the handy pump for easy mess-free administration


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